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In the ever-evolving, dynamic business climate, is it becoming difficult to gain that competitive advantage? The mode of operation of the different business in their respective industries is bringing about a sea of change. The customer relationship graph is getting revamped. For ensuring business dexterity, cost optimization and for driving collaboration and commerce with potential customers, cutting-edge application solutions are quintessential. We take the charge to make your business run, by taking the highest speed with the deft combination of customizing new technology.

Using structured methodologies and proven IT processes helps to reduce complexity, risks and costs associated with the development. We can develop customized software applications and assist you throughout the entire software development life cycle, i–ncluding project management, systems analysis and design, coding, testing, implementation and training.


The fluctuating business climate and the volatile landscape of the different industries make businesses of any size or range to think and plan in a strategic way. The different business needs can be fulfilled by tailor-made software applications. Cost-cutting is what every business would love to indulge in!

So in order to make enable organizations increase the application efficiency, reduce system downtime catapult performance or extending the lifespan of an application, we offer our treasured clients undivided attention while catering to their IT need and business solutions. The globally integrated solutions that you get at ABS Infotech from our skilled engineers will enable you to get the best out of your existing IT applications.

It is our kitty full of experience which has taught us to sketch a support program for our clients in such a way that they can completely put their trust on us. Check out why we are being able to live up to your expectations while offering our application maintenance services.

We are equipped with a team of talented and experienced engineers who are thorough-bred professionals, ready to stretch out their best helping hand. Our skilled engineers are great team players easy to work with and strong communicators.

We make a good use of the comprehensive and updated set of tools and the technological infrastructure offering application support and maintenance. Our tools and delivery models are fine-tuned or configured with our clients’ tools.

Our experts adhere by reliable processes, policies and procedures so that the performance and the consistency level of the applications can be tracked smoothly, continuously monitored and made more refined.

We strive hard in doing full justice to the entire application life-c ycle whether by proper up-gradation or application extension from the existing framework. Check out our full range of application services, which make our clients to nurture this business relationship for long. We provide:

Application analysis, assessment and audit in terms of architecture, design and consistency
Adequate Support is offered via incident investigation, troubleshooting, and overall management
For facilitating the process of Application Maintenance, effectively managing problems and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is crucial and we deliver that!
When we get a request for Application Enhancement like Request for Change (RFC), different kinds of new implementations, Functional boost, you get it all at ABS Infotech
You get quality Application Performance Monitoring service and effective management
Release and Deployment Management services, we successfully integrated with Application Systems Management
You get proactive Maintenance and Support
Consulting Services for your customized business needs or for transitional platform requirements
We use update and technically packed tools to offer you perfect application support and maintenance solution

We, at ABS Infotech, understand your business concerns like rising cost, scalability and consistency issues of the applications upon which your business functions are dependent. To offer you our best possible application support, we do not make you to burn a big hole on your pocket. Call us at 9874721474 to request a customized quote for hiring our application maintenance services. Let the technological environment of your business to make you do your business in the real sense of the term!



SHANTI INFOTECH AND ABS INFOTECH, are a one of the new (since 2006) first growing IT solution provider who gives everything (with 10 years Onsite & Offsite Warranty for newly SERVER & Office Setup) such as supply of branded Servers, Storages.

We deliver end-to-end solutions for wide range of support services to our esteemed customers.


SHANTI INFOTECH and ABS INFOTECH have well-qualified team in members who provides technical services.

Field Support Services
Communication & Networking
Annual Maintenance Contact (Free 5 years to 10 years).
IT Solution Provider for Enterprises.


A server is a running instance of an application (software) capable of accepting requests from the client and giving responses accordingly. Servers can run on any computer including dedicated computers, which individually are also often referred to as "the server". In many cases, a computer can provide several services and have several servers running.

The advantage of running servers on a dedicated computer is security.

Different Type of Servers:-

Tower Type Server
Rack Server
Blade Server

AMC’s for servers, desktops and printers.


Tower Type Server
Rack Server
Blade Server
The advantages of a tower server lie not only in the fact that it is relatively compact but also in its ability to be used in work areas which are not specifically designed to accommodate servers, meaning that you do not need a special data room or any special bays in which to install the server.
The benefit of this type of server is that having all components of the system located in the same place makes it easier to manage connections and maintain the system. The bay is, in a way, the 'data center' of the SME.
The provisioning capability of our existing rackmounted server environment is both lengthy and inflexible. Our search for a better approach led
us to blade servers, an emerging technology that promised reduced costs in areas such as capital expenditures, operational expenses, and physical plant requirements while improving
efficiency. Blade servers allow for up-front provisioning of the chassis and switch components when adding compute blades as needed needed. This provides a more dynamic provisioning model, which results in just-intime provisioning as well as the ability to work around data center freeze periods


Since IBM does not do Direct sale IT gets the same done through their CHANNEL PARTNERS
CHANNEL PARTNER’S Warranty is as per OEM (i.e.Manufacturing Warranty- 1 YEAR TO 3 YEARS Maximum).
WARRANTY of 5 years to 10 years
Provides A.M.C at FREE OF COST ( Min. 5 Years to 10 Years).
COST provides no or nos. D.B.A. for look after their materials at COST
Costly SERVER (i.e. Rs.385.75 Crore to Rs. 845 Crore), shall replace the same after 5 years AT FREE OF COST
Our Medium ranges SERVER cost Rs. 25.75 Crore + 18% GST upto Rs. 35.5 Crore 18% GST
Our Low range SERVER cost Rs.5,50,0000/- + 18% GST SERVER Warranty will be as per OEM

Brand of Server: IBM, Lenovo

It has always been our constant endeavour to provide the best of our attention to our Patrons by regularly innovating and improvising upon the existing levels of service.

The interest and faith evinced in us by our Patrons carry a very high value for every team years member of our team. During these years, we have developed a strong patrons base, which now figures to 50 plus includes some esteemed and well Known Organizations. We always do look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with our clientele.



  1. Travel
  2. Real estate
  3. Medical & Healthcare
  4. Science & Education
  5. Consumer Products
  6. Retail & Wholesale
  7. Finance & Insurance Services
  8. Automobile
  9. Media & Entertainment
  10. FMCG
  11. Fire & Safety
  12. Security & Safety
  13. Telecom
  14. Science & Education
  15. Health & Hospitality
  16. Automobile
  17. Trade Promotion
  18. NGO & Goverment Sector etc.





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